From September 25 to 29, 2017, the partners of the European team Teammate360 have been reviewing the online evaluation tool they have designed. Its objective is to evaluate the performance of team leaders and generate a report on their managerial skills, as well as recommendations for improvement.


TeamMate 360 project partnerMarta Fernández said:

“During these days we have known the full potential of our online assessment tool. We have learned how to make good feedback, without a doubt, one of the most interesting parts of the consultancy.

We are eager to implement this tool in Spain, and we have already defined the first steps to take: in May 2018 we will hold an informative session with the managers to present the tool and our expectations are very good.”


MsFernández added:

“Performance evaluation is a fundamental tool for creating great team leaders. The Teammate 360 tool allows not only to evaluate but also to measure the degree of implementation of the improvements.”

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Teammate360 TeamMate își propune să echipeze liderii de echipă, managerii și întreprinderile cu abilitățile și comportamentele necesare pentru a face față provocării gestionării echipelor la distanță și pentru a exploata avantajele oferite de utilizarea echipei de lucru la distanță.


Acest proiect a fost finanțat cu sprijinul Comisiei Europene. Această publicație reflectă numai punctul de vedere al autorului, iar Comisia nu poate fi trasă la răspundere pentru utilizarea niciuneia dintre informațiile conținute în acesta.