Remote Working Trends


According to the Arden Group, this year has seen a shift in flexible and remote working practices. It is now believed that 77 per cent of workers would like flexible working to be incorporated into their work week. Furthermore, it is estimated that 54 per cent of employees would move to a different company if it meant that they were given flexible working hours. Astonishingly, of this 54 per cent, some 18 per cent would even take a pay cut or demotion to make this possible!


Recognising the importance of flexible and remote working, the key question is how can it be enabled within your business?The Nicola Quine, Head of Marketing & Sales Support at Arden Groupshares her own top three tips to enable remote working.


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In our own business, Exponential Training, we use a range of tools that enable us to share and work collaboratively with our European partners in important ground-breaking projects such as DiTEM, TeamMate360 and LEAP. By using tools such as Freedcamp, GoToMeeting Podio and Google Drive, we can share document, work and collaborate in real time with our partners opening business opportunities that otherwise would not be possible. 


The opportunities for organisations to develop and grow by harnessing the power of technology has never been greater. Later this year, Exponential Training will be launching it new on-line learning portal which will transform the impact and effectiveness of our professional qualification service. Technology is not only enabling remote and flexible working, but remote and flexible learning and professional development!


Teammate360 TeamMate își propune să echipeze liderii de echipă, managerii și întreprinderile cu abilitățile și comportamentele necesare pentru a face față provocării gestionării echipelor la distanță și pentru a exploata avantajele oferite de utilizarea echipei de lucru la distanță.


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