Apr 06

Teams - Motivate, Motivate, Motivate

One of the manager’s most important responsibilities is to motivate their team. This is especially true for managers of remote workers and virtual teams. Often, managers revert to the overuse of ineffective encouragements, such as “let’s make this happen”, “go team,” and “let’s go, go, go,”. How do you motivate your team members without resorting to cliché platitudes?

Gen 26

     TeamMate partners have participated on the 3rd consortium meeting taking place on 23th-24th January in Udine, Italy.

Feb 15

The long-awaited TeamMate 360 Model has arrived and is ready to go.

Dic 06

Remote Working –Three Ingredients

Setting up and running an effective remote team does not just happen. Simply recruiting people or saying to an existing team:‘We are now going to work as a remote team’,just does not and will not work.

Teammate360 TeamMate mira a dotare i Teamleader, i manager e le imprese delle competenze necessarie per affrontare la sfida della gestione dei gruppi di lavoro a distanza, con lo scopo di massimizzarne i benefici.


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