Behind the Screens

Technology is at its best when it works without you needing to know how it works. The new TeamMate 360 interface is fresh, easy to navigate and intuitive making it easy-to-use even for the IT novice. The slick, intuitive TeamMate 360 technology means that TeamMate 360 Facilitators can set up an assessment for a manager in minutes.

As soon as an assessment is set up, a message drops into the manager’s and their respondent’s in-box. The message invites them to click on a link and to complete the feedback survey – the survey takes just 10 minutes.

Once everyone has completed the survey, TeamMate 360 generates the manager’s report in seconds. The report includes simple, attractive graphs and easy-to-read explanations and ideas to improve performance. 

TeamMate360 is supported by a set of ‘How to’ videos which makes using the tool as easy thereby minimising the learning curve to minutes rather than hours!

TeamMate 360 Facilitator, Anne-Marie Daly said:

“Everything about TeamMate 360 is simple and easy to use. However, despite the simplicity of the TeamMate 360 app, the TeamMate 360 report is packed with practical ideas, tips and focuses on how to improve performance”   

Before being allowed to deliver TeamMate 360 coaching feedback sessions, each Facilitator must complete the 360 Degree Facilitator course recognised by the Chartered Management Institute.

To find out more about becoming a TeamMate 360 Facilitator contact anne-marie@exponentialtraining.

Teammate360 TeamMate mira a dotare i Teamleader, i manager e le imprese delle competenze necessarie per affrontare la sfida della gestione dei gruppi di lavoro a distanza, con lo scopo di massimizzarne i benefici.


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