Jul 06

Whether you log in through Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts, you will see clean, easy-to-use screens that make using the TeamMate 360 app so simple. The responsive app means you can use TeamMate 360 anywhere any time.

Nov 09

The development of the TeamMate On-line Assessment Tool is in progress and is expected to be finalised in April 2017 for an Alpha testing from partners.

Nov 09

On 3rd and 4th of October 2016 in Leicester (UK) was officially launched the European project TeamMate360.

Nov 09

TeamMate project partners are finalizing the Teammate Core and Specific Skills Model based on the research conducted in October and November 2016.

Teammate360 TeamMate aims to equip team leaders, managers and enterprises with the skills and behaviours to meet the challenge of managing remote teams and to exploit the benefits afforded by the use of remote team-working.


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