TeamMate 360

TeamMate 360 is a simple, but effective virtual team assessment system, which provides a snapshot picture of the capability of your virtual team to function. The assessment has been designed using academic best practice material for virtual teams and the experience of the project participants.

Performance Management

Establish a culture of ongoing performance management with our integrated and easy-to-adopt suite of tools and empowering content.



Effective performance requires teams to communicate well. TeamMate360 assesses an individual’s skills at adapting new techniques to modify behavior and communicate.


Leadership & Development

TeamMate360 online tool is designed to help current and potential team leaders assess their leadership capabilities by comparing self-perceptions with virtual co-workers 'perceptions.



Assessment Tool helps teams identify and strengthen their level of trust and accountability, promote better team cohesion, and increase productivity.


About Teammate360

What we aim for and how we'll achieve it.


Ease of Access

Peace of mind 24/7/365 access

Real Time

Fast set up and real time tracking of assessments


A reliable and valid diagnostic system


A proven time and resource efficient development tool


The project will develop and test a new on-line 360 degree assessment tool called TeamMate 360.


The TeamMate tool will collect data from completed TeamMate on line assessments. ...


It will then analyse the collected data.  ...


Then it will generate reports capturing the current practices of managers and enterprises from a number of different sectors. ...


These reports will be used by TeamMate trainers and participants to prepare improvement action plans. ...


The aggregation of the data will enable a new understanding of the behaviours and practices associated with remote team-working, in the form of a series of national benchmark reports. ...


The benchmark reports will provide a new insight into the behaviours and practices of managers and enterprises from 7 countries and different types of enterprises (e.g. public and private; large and small; profit and not for profit). ...

TeamMate 360
Video Presentation

TeamMate 360 is a simple and effective on-line 360-degree assessment system, which benchmarks the skills of team leaders and managers leading to improved performance

Partnered with

TeamMate is Partnered with carriers from 7 different countries in Europe.


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Teammate360 TeamMate aims to equip team leaders, managers and enterprises with the skills and behaviours to meet the challenge of managing remote teams and to exploit the benefits afforded by the use of remote team-working.


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